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Asus U24E


While I was reading up on 11.6" Laptops I stumbled upon this laptop that Asus just released.  It has a i7-2620M (2.7Ghz 35W) and is capable of using 16GB of ram.  This laptop fulfills almost all of my requirements for a small laptop:

 i7: Required for vt-d.  Also has AES New Instructions and vt-x.  

Supports 16GB of ram: Needed for the virtual machine setup I plan to use

11.6": Makes this a rather portable laptop while not being too small to be difficult to type on.

Decent battery life:  I can get around 4 hours of light use (web browsing, coding, etc.)  If I do something processor intensive it drops to about 1:30-2 hours.  


I received this laptop and have been setting it up for the past two weeks.  I'm most of the way done and will be blogging about some of the things I've set up.  So far I really like this laptop.  The keyboard feels good and doesn't have any noticeable flex, it doesn't get that hot (although it does exhaust a lot of hot air), suitable battery life, and great performance.  The only issue I have with it is the trackpad's button.  It's recessed enough that I tend to try to click on the case instead of the button.  I've found that I've started to tap to click instead of trying to press the button, which is odd since I've always turned off tap-to-click in the past.  I much prefer thinkpad's touchpoint to trackpads.  However, I like the form factor of this laptop better than the X220.  The U24E is also only $750.  At this point I'm going to see how well I can move off of OS X and back to Linux.